Jun 242013


It’s a typical love story – two men fall in love, part and are re-united again.The setting is South Africa where same-sex marriage was approved in 2006.

Tshepo Cameron Modisane and  Thoba Calvin Sithole, met several years ago while studying in Durban, a large city.  They lost contact with one another and a chance meeting in a gym hundreds of miles away in Johannesburg reunited them.  They started by being friends and training partners, then they advanced to the couple stage, and finally Tshepo proposed marriage in June, 2012

The sun shone brighter, the birds sang louder, and family and friends laughed and celebrated the wedding on April 6, 2013.  It was a beautiful wedding ceremony drawing on traditions from Modisane’s Tswana tribe and Sithole’s Zulu ancestry.

Both proudly wore traditional regalia, asked their ancestors for blessings, and a cow was slaughtered to ensure a wonderful feast.  Gifts were presented to the open and loving parents of both men as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for raising them.

Tshepo spoke to the press and said, that although the wedding in many South African places went “against the idea that being gay isn’t African.  Being gay is as African as being black.”  He continued to state that people are still ashamed because the vast majority of the black community is not accepting of being a homosexual.  They see it as largely being a ‘western trend’ that is in “fashionb lately.”

What Tshepo stated is born out by actions and speeches of politicians and religioius groups in different parts of Africa.  Ugandan President blamed European culture for encouraging “deviant” homosexual behaviour, such as “luring of young people using money into homosexual acts..”   Uganda was visited by five USA evangelical ministers who gave workshops to police, teachers, politicians and churches on the danger of homosexuality destroying the family and the fabric of society.


Long life and happiness
to the groom and groom

 Modisane and Sithole  married for love, and married to set an example of goodrole models that reflect homosexuals in South African society.  Both men would like to raise children in an environment of loving parents and an accepting society.

These things can happen.   Same-sex marriage is becoming legalized in more countries; to date there are fourteen countries. (June, 2013).  Love conquers hate!

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