Nov 202013

Zambian President with “Holy Bible” wherein it is written to
“Love one Another” and “Do not Judge.”


Little wonder that Zambia is a hot bed of homophobic violence when you look at the classifications of sexual crimes.  Most countries would never confuse the differences between rape, incest, beastiality and homosexuality, but Zambia see that there is NO DIFFERENCE!

The Zambian legal system classifies consensual sex between people of the same sex in the same category as child rape, incest and bestiality.

“The word sodomy in the Zambian legal system is used loosely and often interchangeable with acts of child rape, defilement, incest and bestiality therefore causing a permeating confusion with ‘consensual adult sodomy,’ ” the report states.

President Michael Sata holds a “Holy” Bible wherein it is written to “Love one Another,”
and to “Not Judge.”   Zimbabwa’s President (Mugabe) also held on recently on his swearing in in what many consider to have been a ‘dishonest election.’

The ongoing crackdown on LGBT people comes in the context of anti-gay remarks that began most prominently in 2011, when current President Michael Sata was running for that office as leader of the Patriotic Front.  At that time, he rejected claims in the media that, if elected, his party would legalize homosexuality and gay marriage. He stated that existing laws against same-sex relations and same-sex marriage “should at all times be enforced by the relevant institutions to preserve the moral standards we have set for our nation.”

In February, 2012, on a visit to Zambia, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon urged the country to adopt a constitution that protects the human rights of all, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. In the resulting “media frenzy,” the report states, many political and religious leaders claimed the existence of a conspiracy involving the United Nations to export ‘gay rights’ to Zambia:

“In an intolerant Zambia, the Secretary General’s message was lost, as most Zambians felt that they were justified in hating and vilifying LGBTI persons who they consider as mentally unsound and whose ‘behaviour’ is often times, described to be worse than that of dogs.”

I find it so discouraging that the United Nations has to remind a President seen holding a Bible that human rights are a fundamental right of all people.   These rights are also found in the Bible under the heading of LOVE.



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