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year-of-the-sheep-2015The Year of the Sheep starts from Feb. 19, 2015 (the Lunar New Year / Spring Festival of China) and lasts to Feb. 7, 2016.


I am a passive onlooker

I let bygones be bygones

Goodness brings me fortune

I believe in the human race

I understand the meaning of giving

My cup is never empty

I am loyal and just and in others I trust


The Sheep (Goat) It is the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Sheep can be seen as mild-mannered and favour compromise and sensitivity over agression and brute force.

The Sheep is always in need of security, whether this be socially, romantically or financially. Above all, the Sheep looks for companionship, love and beauty. There is little that the Sheep appreciates more than artistic beauty and pleasing aesthetics in all aspects of life.

Adapting Sheep Sign into Your Life

Natrually, we have to balance the Ying and the Yang, that is the opposites of life: strong/gentle, fast pace/slow, working hard/rest, etc.

Each of the Chinese Zodiac figures (Year of the ?) offers a chance to balance our lives.  Is there any values that you can take from the Sheep to nourish your life?  This is a fun exercise.  Naturally, as a unique individual, you make your own choices.


Sheep Personalities (often match human kind)

Members of the Sheep sign are social creatures, but may split themselves into two different social personas. In their interactions, the Sheep makes sure to display compassion, understanding and consideration. The Sheep enjoys larger groups and group outings, where they can enjoy the carefree qualities of a superficial connection. In these settings, the Sheep will rarely open up about their most intimate details. When a Sheep finds a friend or companion that they truly trust, they are then comfortable to expose the depths of their soul and being.

The Sheep can often be considered a hopeless romantic and subsequently, is open to committed and affectionate relationships. If they find a partner that appreciates and shares their caring attitude, they can create a very happy, long-lasting pairing. The Sheep has a strong focus on a secure home life. In this sense, it is not uncommon for the Sheep to create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable living environment. It is in the confines of the home that the Sheep feels most fulfilled and and at ease.

Sheep in Careers

With social intelligence and compassion, there are a variety of careers that the Sheep can pursue. The nurturing and humanitarian qualities of the Sheep can translate well into careers in medicine or caregiving. In the same sense, the Sheep’s appreciation of aesthetics could be put to use in the arts, design, architecture or landscaping. On the other hand, with more intellectual interests, the Sheep could do well in research, education, writing or advertising. In whichever career the Sheep chooses, one can be sure that their adaptable and understanding natures will play a key role.

Getting Close to the Earth

The Sheep’s fixed element is the Earth’s Element. It is the Sheep’s Earthly influence that links to their practical and realistic nature. When others are tempted to have their heads in the clouds, it is the influence of Earth that keeps the Sheep grounded. The organs of the Earth element are the pancreas, spleen and stomach. In this sense, members of the Sheep sign are encouraged to protect these vital organs with a healthy diet and by maintaining a good amount of physical activity. These practices will also help the Sheep to reduce the Sheep’s anxiety and revitalize their inner strength.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.  paula.  HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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