Aug 242013

Grandmother-working-out-at-the-playground-01-634x422Why do Some Women Wrinke Faster Than Others.

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It is our own fault as women that maybe we stay out too much in the sun, or we do not use the right sun screens, or moisturizing creams?  Should we spent countless money or preventing wrinkes or trying to remove them?


Now, studies show that aging is in our DNA and that our mother’s pass it on.  Blame mothers, well I loved mine and prefer not to.  Anyway, my mother aged so wonderfully that if I have her DNA, then I’m one lucky women.

Some of you may be reading this and saying,”The cosmetic industry wants us to support them.  Men don’t worry about aging or wrinkles, but some men do.


Mitochondria, the power houses of every cell, may be responsible for how we age and mother’s genes are certainly involved!

Scientists have found a set of genes passed down only by mothers that appear to influence the ageing process.

When the inherited DNA is defective, the result is premature ageing – not only wrinkles but a shorter lifespan – a study says.

The researchers discovered that damage to our mitochondria – the tiny powerhouses in our cells that turn the food we eat into energy – speeds up age-related conditions. Defect DNA is labelled as mDNA.

Teams from Sweden and Germany found the ageing process is influenced by any genetic mutations inherited from their mother.

Defective mDNA is implicated in a host of age-related diseases such as heart problems, diabetes and neurodegenerative conditions including dementia. Over the course of our lifetime mDNA is more susceptible to damage than normal DNA, the researchers said.

Ageing comes about as a result of damage to the body’s cells, making it more likely for an individual to suffer from an age-related disease or condition such as cancer, heart problems – as well as wrinkles.

Professor Doug Turnbull of Newcastle University, an expert on mitochondria, said: ‘This is very interesting. The genes you inherit can have some effect on the ageing process, but the most important thing is still our lifestyle….so eat your fruits and vegetables, exerecise – go easy on red meats and alcohol.

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