Jan 152013

Babes with Bullets™   CAMPS FOR WOMEN.

Our camps are held across the US, offering a three day firearms training program for novice women who have little (or zero) handgun experience. We also offer camps for women who have some handgun experience along with “combo” camps to introduce women to the handling of an AR-15 rifle*. Every camp is taught by women who are national and world firearms champions with Kay Miculek as the head instructor.

The Babes with Bullets ™ camps started in 2004 at the Louisiana home range of head instructor, Kay Clark Miculek. Deb Ferns, camp director, was one of the original students in 2004. There are now over 1,800 camper alumnae.  Students include women who have never touched a gun and span to women who are already competing in some type of shooting sports activities.  The age span of campers has stretched from 16 to 78.

Many of the students come alone, though by the end of camp, it never fails that each has made a host of new friends! According to Deb Ferns, camp director, the camps are**** “1/3 firearms training, 1/3 adventure camp, and 1/3 pajama party!”  A more complete description of the camps are available at  About CampTo register for a camp or to see where they are being held visit the area of Register for Camp. Webisodes taped at camps across the US are available for you to view at  www.OutdoorChannel.com/BabeswithBullets .


*The AR-47 was used in the massacre of the school children in Conneticut.  Hey ladies, it’s just a girls weekend away –

****1/3 firearms training, 1/3 adventure camp, and 1/3 pajama party!”

And while in your pjs show pictures of your kids at school!



They look quite NORMAL!


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