Dec 282015


Shoot in pink – it gives you that feminine look and the men will call you “BABE”   Do these ‘babes’ love bullets more than school children?

Recognize this gun?  Well, the children in the Conneticut shooting were blown away by this AK-47.  On the website sadistically called “Grim Reaper,” you can buy this pink assault weapon for less than $900.00 US  (There is also a pretty green one, if yuou don’t like pink, or you already have a pink one.   It was reported in one of Florida papers that since the White House is coming down hard on this type of weapon, the AK-47 is going for five times the $900 price tag.  Practical rate of fire, single shots 90-100 rds/min; bursts 400 rds/minsPink Assault Riffle’s firing capacity:    A round is the same as a bullet…so single shots can produce 90-100 rounds or bullets in a minute. If the lady wants a burst from her pink AK-47, she can get 400 bullets off in a minute.  Let’s take this one step further.  If a woman goes ballistic and enters a school gym with 800 children in it.  No one stops here.  It will take just two minutes to kill the 800 children (presuming she can aim and shoot).

We know women like matching items (shoes and purse) and now they can match their AK-47 to this little beauty.bkgrnd-about


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