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Women That Love Guns 1

by  on APRIL 26, 2012

Women That Love Guns

Women That Love Guns

Am I less feminine because I’m a gun-loving girl?  asks Gabby ArmedCandy (pictured above)  She writes:

“Of course not. (If anything, I find myself getting more girly the more I play with guns.) However, a few conversations I’ve had lately have caused me to examine how loving guns affects my projected self. Allow me to be clear: By no means am I fixated on others’ opinions of me, but as a single woman in my early 30s, I believe it’s understandable that I care (within reason) about my perceived femininity and sexuality.”

Here is one of the comments that she received;.

daddyjim • 9 months ago

My wife became more sexy when she started to carry. I don’t know why maybe she is a little more confident. I think confidence is sexy now she can outshoot all 4 of our grown boys very hot… when she starts outshooting me I hope that will be hottest yet. I am often asked how I got her to carry, PLEASE she does what she wants and I had little to nothing to do with it she is now a firearms instructor and she is even more amazing after 26 years of marriage. I too have armed-candy I hope it isn’t offensive. I hope all females who want to carry will carry and know she will be safer and sexier.

Paula’s comment:  To quote Gabby (above) how does a woman “find (herself) getting more girly the more (she) plays with guns.”  What actions make her more “girly” and how does she “play with guns.”? Personally, when I was in my early thirties, I thought of myself as a “woman” and not “girly”.