Dec 262016


It is a sad reality that in the wake of the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, semi-automatic weapon sales have skyrocketed especially for AR-15 rifles, the same gun used by the shooker to murder 20 children and six adults.  There seems to be long wait lists for the military rifles.

These are war zone weapons used to kill in quick rapid fire motion.

guns for Christmas

It is ironic that Christmas sales of these sort of weapons have been given by husbands to wives. I can just see and hear the scenario. Christmas tree with angel on top. Music playing songs of peace, love and joy. Then the missus opens up her assault rifle and the kids jump up and down.

This type of gun was not only used in the Sandy Hook School shooting, but also used in the movie theatre shooting spree last summer.  Then, on Christmas Eve, 2012, a deranged man murdered two firefighters.

And now ammunition is apparently flying off the shelves as well. “This week, the world’s largest firearms dealer said it has sold 3.5 years of magazines for the AR-15 — in just three days and were struggling to meet the demand,” according toThe Daily Mail.

Unknown-1guns for Christmas


It is quite possible that each husband or boyfriend received one book sponsored by the gun lobby.  It is called, “More Guns, Less Violence!”






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