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th-14Women in Aviation Conference Hits Record Attendance

Are you a romantic woman?  Ever imagined piloting your lover high above the clouds and touching down for a romantic dinner in a new country or town.

There are women flying over your head as I type.  Women wearing four bars and watching computer modules as the Captain of a Jumbo 7 or Airbus.  Women are obtaining pilot licenses for work and for recreation.  There numbers are growing.th-6

For example, the 24th annual International Women in Aviation conference took place in Nashville, Tennessee in March, 2013.  Can you imagine 3,375 women exchanging the latest information on aircraft technology, and their personal experiences of flights around the globe?  The women came from 13 countries outside of the United States and Canada, and included the African countries of Nigeria, and Ghana.

The flying women had the opportunity to look at over 114 exhibitors.  One booth had representatives from the all-female Air Race Classic.  There were sellers of a female flight watch; and a conversation could be had at the Professional Women Controllers Inc.

Airlines Waiting for Potential Female Pilots.  A continuous line formed in front  of major airlines including United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, RedEx, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Horizon Air, and JetBlue Airways..  To say, “the sky’s the limit,” was an understatement.  To quote the Pointer Sisters’ song, “The Women are Doin’ it For Themselves!”  Yeah!

Women in Aviation International (WAI) gave out 80 scholarships to its members totaling almost half a million dollars.  Two women were inducted into the Hall of Fame, Mary Silitch, the fist woman editor of a national aviation magazine and Karen Brannen, the first woman Marine jet pilot.


World War II Female Pilots

The twenty-five annual International Women in Aviation Conference will take place at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Fla from March 6 through 8th, 2014.

Will you have your ‘wings’ by then?


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