Aug 282015
This is Winnie.  Any resemblance to another woman is purely coincidental and not deliberate

This is Winnie. Any resemblance to another woman is purely coincidental and not deliberate


This is the third witch, Winona.   I have blogged Wilma and Winnie. Let me again tell you that I’m using the word ‘witch’ not as a wise woman, crone or healer, but as a mean spirited and sometimes evil person.

You can read about Wilma and Winnie on my home page. All these women share a common bond – using Scripture to point out the ‘sins’ of homosexuals. All these women decline to obey Jesus, who told us not to judge. These women feel that they are not judging, but merely pointing out the sins of homosexuality as they appear in the Bible. All claim to ‘love the individual homosexual but to hate the sin of homosexuality.

. She has just turned forty and is unmarried. Winona is very attractive and both Wilma and Winnie tell her that she simply has not found “the right man.’ Winona tells them that dates from her local Baptist church are fine men.  Yet, she admits that so far, there has been “no chemistry.”  Winnie and Wilma assure her that God has a special man for her and then,  it will be “love at first sight.’

Winona is bright and well educated. She is a teacher at the local primary school.

She adores her pupils and hopes one day to have children of her own. Winona, while being physically attractive, is a loner. Her social skills only seem to work well with children. She has found comfort and meaning not only in teaching but being the friend of Wilma and Winnie. She has always got along well with women.

When the first Pride Parade happened in her small American town, Winona pounced on the opportunity to write an article for the church bulletin and another for the local newspaper. Suddenly, she was popular at church and found Wilma and Winnie as friends. That was ten years ago. The winds of change have shifted and the editor will not longer print Winona’s tirades against gays. Winona is not fased.   She still marches with banners and signs every time the ‘unnatural gays’ meet or march.

For the past three years, Wilma and Winnie have doubled their efforts to get Winona a man. They know that her ‘biological clock’ is at stake.  Recently, they introduced Winona to a widower.  He recently moved into town with his two sweet kids.  Again, there was no ‘chemistry’ although Winona thought the kids were simply adorable.

In the last year, Winona has been troubled by ‘certain’ dreams.  She did not want to jeopardize her friendship with Wilma and Winnie.  She confided in her pastor. He assured her that the dreams were of a demonic nature.  “Satan is tempting you because you are an exemplary Christian.  Your good works, particularly against the gay community, has come to his evil notice.  Rejoice that you are being tempted.  Pray for Divine deliverance.”

Wilma wakes from these dream feeling orgasms for the first time.   She knows the face of one particular woman that comes more and more frequently.   Looking through her high school facebook, she recognizes Jenny. This school girl made her laugh, but the friendship quickly ended when Jenny kissed her on graduation night. It was a very pleasant kiss, not like the boys’ sloppy kisses.   The kiss had scared Winona, but thankfully, life had taken them on different paths.   Why was Jenny coming back now? Why were the dreams so exciting and sexual? Yes, this was indeed the work of Satan. Winona would fight him with more Christian actions and more Scriptural readings. She would attend more anti-gay rallies and comment on all gay websites.

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