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This is Winnie.  Any resemblance to another woman is purely coincidental and not deliberate

This is Winnie. Any resemblance to another woman is purely coincidental and not deliberate

Wilma, Winnie and Winona are three names beginng with the letter “W” to represent the evil witch – not the witches who are crones or healers.  They are fictions characters, but you will find them everywhere.  Thank Heavens, they are in the minority of Christians!

I just imagined them sitting around a living room table. Each has a worn Bible with index tabs so they can go directly to their favorite “put down” quotes against “ungodly queers.” They are fictious in this blog, but they are examples of mean-spirited and dangerous women filled with bile and hatred. Jesus called these people Pharisees and his anger towards them is real. They are white tombs – nice and clean and respectable on the outside and full of rot and decay inside.   These are the words of Jesus.  The religious ‘right’ is so morally ‘wrong.’

Witches meet at Wilma's house

Witches meet at Wilma’s house


She has just turned 60 and the “Christian Warriors” (all ten of them) celebrated her birthday in the basement of the Southern Baptist Church last Sunday. The birthday cake was in the shape of a cross. Wilma has lived in the same commuity all her life.  She never worked after marriage.  “My place was in the home raising God-fearing children.”

She will tell anyone who listens that college was not in God’s plans for her. She met Aruther at Sunday school when they were kids. She believes that God brought them together at the age of eight so that He could infusion them with His love and plans.


They married at 18 years and raised four children. Only one child remains at home; the others are in big cities. Wilma complains that these children do not truly honor her and Arthur. They only come home on Special Holidays. Two are married and the third son lives in sin with a girl friend. When they are at home, Wilma insists that they sleep in separate bedrooms. She lays Biblical tracts on their pillows, but they have “hearts of stone” and still live immoral lives. Wilma prays for this couple every day. Wilma and Winnie and Winona tithe one tenth of their money to God – the church gets 50% and a Christian publisher gets the remaining 50%. Signs are made and biblical tracts are directed towards LGBTI communities and are given out on Pride Parades.

No Sex For Arthur


Wilma no longer has sex with Arthur. She told him ten years ago that unless sex can procreate, it is simply just lust.   Arthur does a lot more fishing and his clothes smell of alcohol and cigarettes. Arthur swears that he abstains from both evils, but his buddies are still immoral.   He is there to try and change them. Arthur tells Wilma, it is his mission from God.  Arthur does not mind not having sex with Wilma.  His separate room is his sanctuary.  In his locked firebox of important documents are updated girly magazines.  His fishing and card playing buddies tell him, “Arthur, sex is like cards, if you have a good hand, you play it alone.”


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