May 032017


Trish and I have been housesitting for nearly four years.  Sometimes, assignments are for a week, the longest has been six weeks.  Not only do you get to live in a new city, town or village, but you get to travel to your next assignment.

We left our lovely three dogs and one cat in Cambridge N.Z and drove south to a small town called Shannon.  We could have made the drive in one day, but we wanted to stop off. Our first town was called Otorohanga.  We were not disappointed.   Here is a chance to drop into a Kiwi and bird sanctuary and see the N.Z symbol in walking form.  The kiwi is a nocturnal flightless bird.  Like many towns on the northern island of N.Z, there are wonderful displays of Maori culture.

Housesitting is a wonderful chance to spend more time in places without breaking the bank account.

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