Jul 022016

Pat McCrory, North Carolina Governor, is despicable! His HB2 bill has taken away workplace protection for LGBT employees and it insists that transgender people use the bathrooom according to their birth certificate gender.  There has NOT been ONE case of a transgendered female threatening any woman or female child!  Where do you think these transgendered females have been urinating in the past?

McCrory’sBigotry & Homophobia decision has cost North Carolina huge losses as companies and artists boycott the state. I call him despicable because in order to pay his lawsuit costs, McCrory has taken $500,000 or (449,000 Euros) from a disaster relief fund.  So, good people of North Carolina, what is your images-4priority?

Beware of the Zika Virus (and Others)

The decision to take money out of the disaster relief fund may prove poorly timed, given the looming threat of the Zika virus.

The virus has been described as an epidemic in Brazil. There have been 12 cases in North Carolina as of the beginning of June.


The Cost to North Carolina Taxpayers

A number of companies have pulled investment plans after the bill was passed, including Google, Apple, Deutsche Bank, and PayPal. –


The most effective form of pressure, though, seems to have been a threat from the NBA to pull the 2017 All-Star game, planned to be held in Charlotte, NC. The NBA said that the law “runs counter to our guiding principles of equality and mutual respect,” and urged lawmakers to change the law. Commissioner Adam Silver said that in order to keep the game in the city, definitive changes to the existing law would have to be in place before the end of the summer.


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