Apr 242013


images-11What is it you want?

If you are reading this, you are either a regular visitor (thanks) or you came here by chance.

I originally wanted to publish my stories to ebook.  My stories began in Sydney, Australia.  I woke up earlier than my partner and looked at her sleeping.  This was back in 2003 and we were working for a year in Australia.  She looked so beautiful asleep.  We had been together for five years and in 2000, we held a ceremony of union.  Now, we are together for fifteen years and officially married.  We live in Canada.   Over the years, I completed stories and then in 2012 set up this site: stories4hotbloodedlesbians.com.

While I was blogging three major stories: Jo, Lt.Dee, and Jazz, I also blogged people and events.  I began to realize that a site could serve as a resource to make lesbians aware of their sisters throughout the world.  In the category, Global Issues, there are horrific stories of lesbians being raped in many parts of the globe.  On the other hand, there are great stories of the impact of famous lesbians, Ellen and Portia, to name a celebrity pair.

I thought that I would lighten things up by adding humour and famous women in general.  It is hard to keep blogging without an idea of what kind of blogs would have the great impact.   Do I go for the most visitors or blog what I think I should be blogging, given the fact that I have this mass media that can do some good.

I must be doing something good as the visitor numbers keep going up.  I just would like some feedback and that is hard to come by.  I hope you have gained some pleasure or knowledge from this site.



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