Oct 012015

scams SCAMS SCAMSDo NOT fall for the Microsoft phone scam.   You pick up the phone and someone from overseas tells you that they are from Microsoft.   They tell you that they are concerned that you have been sending Microsoft problem emails.   DO NOT LET THEM CONTINUE.

ASK THEM TO PROVIDE YOUR FULL NAME OR EMAIL.   If they cannot do that hang up.  If for some reason they have found your name in the phone book – ask them for the date of the last problem that you “supposedly” sent in.   Then, ask them for Microsoft’s number in the country that you live.

Let’s suppose that they do have your full name and email address.   This could have come from many “emailing lists” that companies sell to political parties or businesses.  Again, ask them for the date that you last sent in a problem to Microsoft.    Microsoft does NOT phone customers!


I own a Macbook Pro.   Yesterday, I received a “voice” message stating that I had a virus.   Apple virtually is virus free.   I ignored it.   My computer is still up and running.  Do not let phone calls or voice messages scare you.   If you continue giving information to scam phone callers, you are endangering your bank account and other personal details.  HANG UP.


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