Jul 292017

-Eye lashes last for about five months.  They fall away.  If a human gathered all these eye lashes that fell and put them together – the length would be 98 feet long.

What is the Purpose of of eyebrows?

A.   Eye brows prevent sweat from dripping into our eyes.

What is the purpose of eye lashes?

A. Eye lashes keep dirt out of our eyes.

 How many people are blind in this world?


A. About 39 million people are blind around the world.

Why are eyes being scanned for security purposes?

Eye scanners

A. While a finger print has 40 unique characteristics,  the iris of our eyes have 256 unique characteristics.  Eyes are better to identify people.

Can Eyes be Transplanted?

A.  No.  There are over 1 million nerve fibres and these are too hardto connect to the brain.

Can people with eye problems be cured or helped?

A.  8 out of 10 people can be cured or healed if money or doctors are available.  Many countries are too poor to help people.

How can I help people with vision problems?

A. Go on line/to the internet- and find out where to donate old spectacles/eye glasses or how to raise money to help kids and adults get medical help.

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