Feb 192014

Unknown-6Is Cannibalism in Your Genes?   Naturally we deny that we would ever eat another human being but it does happen.  In 1824 eight vicious criminals escaped from an Australian prison.  They headed for the ‘bush’ which is another name for the wilderness.  Alexander Pierce ate all his seven inmates.  Back in prison, Pierve ate another inmate.  He was executed and his skull is on display in the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science.

Unknown-3Visiting London, England – Rats!    It is estimated that over 10 million rats live in sewers under the city where the Queen resides.  They like to live in the West End of the city.  It is here that restaurant refuse flows into their abodes.

Unknown-5Fowl Language Irritates Neighbours:  In 2000 in Pasadena, California, a parrot owner was brought to court.  Neighbours complained that they could not swim in their pool without hearing the parrot scream, curse, whistle and harass them.  They told the judge the owner refused to keep the parrot indoors.  On behalf of the parrot, the owner claimed that fresh air was necessary to the health of his birth.  He further pointed out that the bird had picked up the foul language from hearing the neighbours scream and curse. The parrot owner won the case.

Cruelty to Animals Can Backfire

Unknown-4A frustrated home owner caught a pesky mouse.  He cruelly tied a cloth to its tail and lit the cloth with kerosene.  The mouse that was thrown out of the house with its tail on fire – re-entered the house and managed to burn it down!



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