Apr 242017

How About These Weird Records?

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Most Balloons Blown Up by the Nose

Andrew Dahl

How to Qualify.

People have set a time of three minutes for this unusual record.  The idea is to blow up balloons with your nose.  The winner so far is American Andrew Dahl, “inflated 23 balloons using only his nose in three minutes” on March 18, 2010. And, yes, there’s a photo of Mr. Dahl, blowing up a balloon with his nose.

Some Records Come Naturally

Boo Boo didn’t have to work hard to get a record.  She is a long-haired female Chihuahua who became the world’s smallest dog at 4 inches tall.

Boo Boo beside a box of matches
Boo Boo beside a bottle of Coke and a handbag

I hope that “Giant George” did not stand beside Boo Boo.  He is a great Dane and he measures 43 inches tall.  He is the world’s tallest dog.

Big George
                           Big George – “Sit Boy!:”

A Human Qualifies Naturally

Zhao Liang is a 27 year old Chinese man.  He is about 8 feet 1 inch tall.  He weighs 341 pounds.   He is so tall that when he holds up pants/trousers to put on, they are the same height as his 5 foot 6 inch mother.

           His 5 ft. 6 mother


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