Nov 032013

Unknown-1In between blogging serious topics, I thought I’d like to share some warm and fuzzy thoughts.  Hope you like them.

Life as a Lose GarmentUnknown

If we simply saw life as a lose garment, something we drape around ourselves but not so firmly attached to us, we would find it easier to live.  We need to slip in and out of things, particularly those that cause us unnecessary worrying.

“A skillful traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving,” says the Tao te Ching.

Reason for Things Happening

Bad things happen to good people – a wheel comes off a big transport vehicle missing three cars and hitting the fourth one. Death skipped three vehicles but not the fourth.  Why?

Call it  what you will: co-incidents, or accidents or ‘your time was up’?  In life there is learning and sometimes no answers.

At other times, we look back at a tragedy and notice that a lot of wisdom and motivation came in its sad wake.

Dreaming and Making Things Happen

Sometimes, we just dream to add a little ‘flavor’ to life.  I buy a lottery ticket and have fun with all the experiences and good things that could be done with a large win.  This is a fun (and seems fruitless) action I repeat.

We need dreams even if some of them never happen.

The day you stop dreaming –

Your life looses meaning.


“Hanging Loose in Your Garment.

Do everything with a mind that lets go,” said meditation teacher Ajahn Chah. “Don’t accept praise or gain or anything else. If you let go a little you will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace.”

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