Aug 222017

Many years ago,  Trish and I,  bought a fridge magnet, “Virginia is for Lovers.”   We were on our honeymoon, and it seemed to spell out everything important for us.  That was back in 2006. We had just legally married in wonderful Canada.

Enter the dark years of 2016/2017 and the Darth Vader of Politics, Donald Trump – got elected (still short of the 3 million extra votes that Hillary legally attained).

In the weeks of August 2017 (and before) the world has witnessed the hateful marches of White Supremacists and the KKK.

Marches Planned on the Scale of Martin Luther, Jnr.

Today, August 22, 2017, there are potential marches  world-wide against all vile forms of hatred.   The call is for peace and justice for all.

Do you part – however-small.  What we personally do today – impacts on future generations.

Virginia Takes a Stand

I  am overjoyed  that the State of Virginia broadened the original slogan, “Virginia is for Lovers” to……………

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