Apr 102015
David Foggin - get out of teaching!

David Foggin – get out of teaching!  His comments are below.

A West Virginia high school science teacher has sparked outrage by posting an angry anti-gay rant on Facebook.

David Foggin has been suspended from Parkersburg South High School for the spelling error-laden diatribe that does not show his education, but it does show how vile and homophobic his comment was complete with his picture and a poster advertising the event.  Obviously, this bigot has little empathy for LGBTI students who are bullied in school and return home to read their names through cyber bullying.  His cruel and callous rantings do not help transgender and gay kids who commit suicide.

His Ignorant Comment on Facebook

“Club meeting at PSHS!! Rally around them and show ur support,” he wrote alongside a picture of a poster advertising the event.

“We are also considering a drunks-t totaller [sic] club, drugged/sober club, smokeless tobacco vs smokes club, street racing, and deer poaching clubs,” he added.

“Please donate and support us. Thank u!!! I think I hear the drag already zinging,the News and Sentinel reports him as ending.

Foggin was suspended by Wood County Schools superintendent Pat Law on Tuesday and will not be back in the classroom until after Spring Break.

 He Wants a Gun and Badge

It’s absolutely scary that this homophobe wants to run for sheriff’s office in the future.  It is my opinion that if you stoop so low in your character to be a homophobe, you are likely to also be a racist and hater of immigrants.  Can you image giving someone like this a gun and a badge?

His Untrue Self-Image

“I love everyone and I promote fairness and equality. I have difficulty with favoritism and bias given any person or group. Love you all,” he wrote.

“Get a concealed carry permit while u still can. Protect urself [sic] and ur [sic] family. Thank God for every breath he give u!![sic],” he added.

(Get a concealed permit is an invitation for more people to carry guns.  How is that bigots can hide behind statements like “I have difficulty with favouritism?”

Why not come out and say words like “I don’t want no fag organization like Gay/Straight Alliance in my school.”   This is what you believe, this is basically what you are saying on Facebook, so Foggin, own it.”

This man is a science teacher.  I bet he teaches Creationism.

School Board Response

Mr. Flint on behave of the school board has responded:

“After reviewing the situation, the facts, information…there have been no laws broken,” says Flint. “Based on that, we need to get Dave back in the classroom. Teachers return on the 14th, so he needs to get back and prepared and get ready to go.”

Flint takes the action less than one month after becoming superintendent.

paula: No laws broken?  Is this not a hate-crime?  If he is working against a segment of his school population and spreading hatred – why is he still allowed to teach.?  And what message does it send to kids when he is allowed to return and the superintendent calls him “David.”  Very friendly, Mr. Flint.

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