Freddy Mercury, singer with the British group, “Queen” was a proud gay man.  Unfortunately, he died of Aids in 1991.  It is a well-known fact that Republican President Ronald Regan did little to care for those dying of Aids at that time.  Today, very few Republican elected officials care about Aids world-wide.  It was, therefore, very insulting for the convention to play “We are the Champions” by Mercury and Queen!   Republicans are NOT the champions of Gays Rights, in fact, the V.P chosen by Trump passed a “Religious” bill that took away rights for gays in hotels, public services and the work place.  Any “Christian” can deny a LGBTI person services and decide to not fire (or even fire) on grounds of ‘conscience.’  The surviving members of the Queen confirmed that it was “an unauthorised use at the Republican Convention against our wishes”.  I say, “Sue the bastards!”

Donald Trump’s Religious Committee

Donald Trump picked the most hateful homophobes that put on ‘wolves clothing’ and act like ‘lambs.’ His picking of Mike Pence is indicative of his humiliating move to court the “religious right-wing. As Governor of Indiana, Pence suggested that HIV prevention funding be drained in order to fund state-sponsored “gay cure therapy.”  He refused to answer questions as to whether it would be legal to fire people because of their sexuality.