Nov 182013
Tyler-DeatonFact: American right-wing Christians  use the 3,500 year old scriptural passage against homosexuals; written when starting a fire was done by rubbing two sticks together.  in the twenty-first century, psychiatrists world wide state that homosexuality is NOT a) disease  b) mental illness c) a perversion – and- this same body of scientific knowledge states clearly that homosexuality CANNOT be changed and is therefore NOT A CHOICE.Fact:  Exodus, for twenty years tried to change homosexuality through religion and failed.Now, to the sad news.

  • A religious cult leader who claimed he had gone from being gay to straight is under investigation following the death of his wife, 27 year old Bethany Deaton.  The death was considered a suicide.  However, Micha Moore, 223, has reportedly confessed to murdering Bethany and states that her husband, Tyler Deaton ordered the killing. Moore was a member of Deaton’s cult.  Picture of Deaton.

Does a Leopard Change its Spots?

Mr Deaton, 26, is the leader of a Christian prayer group in Kansas City, Missouri. In the four months since the Deatons got married, several male members of the group allegedly sexually assaulted Mr Deaton’s wife. Members of the cult all lived in one house. Investigators into the death, claim that Bethany Deaton was planning to expose what she had been subjected to and planned to speak with a therapist.

According to the Kansas City Star, Mr Moore said the group, which lived together in a home in Grandview, Missouri, used sex as a means of spirituality.The newspaper reports that members of the group, which is connected to the International House of Prayer, a virulently anti-gay organisation, claimed Mr Deaton, was against homosexuality because he struggled with being gay himself.  Tyler Deaton claimed he was no longer gay

“He struggled with it, but he overcame it,” an individual told the Star. “It was a victory.”

paula’s comments:  not a victory for the dead woman and forcing sex on a woman is hardly spiritual.


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