Apr 112013

Second smallest S.American country


April,10, 2013

Uruguay is the 12th country to pass a law of this kind.  In the Americas, Argentina and Canada have approved gay marriage, and it is allowed in Mexico City and some parts of Brazil, as well as nine states of the USA.

There have been critics, namely the Catholic Church and other Christian organizations in this predominantly Catholic country of  3.3 million people.  They maintain that allowing gay marriages will endanger the institution of marriage.


Jose Mojica, President

Uruguayan President, Jose Mojica is considered to be a humble man who lives on his old ranch, 10 km away from the capital, Montevideo.  He goes to work every day in his old Volkswagen automobile.  He refuses any special services that would cost Uruguay. He has been described as “the world’s ‘poorest’ president”, as he donates around 90 percent of his $12,000 monthly salary to charities to benefit poor people and small entrepreneurs.  Now, we wait for France, New Zealand and Great Britain to pass similar bills.

Uruguay borders with Argentina and Brazil and has its own coast line of approximately 660 km.  It is the second smallest country in South America after Suriname.  Its terrain is mainly composed of fertile plains and grasslands which favour cattle and sheep raising.   Its wonderful beaches provide revenue from tourism and as a ‘thank you,’ I hope that  the LGBT community will visit this country that values equality for all its citizens.  Paula.

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