Apr 132016

images-9White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today called anti-LGBTI legislation in Tennessee, North Carolina and Mississippi ‘mean-spirited.’  And these laws are enacted by “Christians”!!!! Where is there the LOVE of Neighbour told in the Story of the Good Samaritan?

Dictionary Definition:

Having or characterized by a malicious or petty spirit.


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Earnest was asked during a press briefing specifically about pending legislation legislation in Tennessee which would allow therapists in the state to deny service to LGBTI people and a so-called ‘bathroom bill’ singling out transgender students.



‘The administration is firmly committed to promoting and defending equal rights of all Americans, including LGBT Americans,’ Earnest told reporters.

‘And specific laws like this that seek to target and marginalize one small segment of the population is nothing less than mean-spirited. That was true when they passed similar provisions in places like North Carolina and Mississippi, and it’s true even as it’s being considered in a place like Tennessee.’



Earnest warned that if Tennessee’s governor signs these bills into law, the state could open itself up for an economic hit – especially in the area of tourism.

‘That state has thrived economically in part because of their ability to make their case to businesses across the country that they’ve got a great climate for doing business,’ he said.

‘Passing mean-spirited bills through the state legislature is not a good endorsement of your business climate.’

Earnest also said this current wave of anti-LGBTI legislation – which began after the US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 US states last June – is proof that the fight for civil rights is far from over.



‘Demanding equality for every American and ensuring that those Americans are not singled out or targeted because of their sex or their race or what their last name or their religion, or who they love or who they are is a struggle that continues,’ he said.

‘And the President, every time, is going to be on the side of equality and fairness and justice for every American.’

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