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images-1Two women have just graduated from The Untied States Army Ranger School where only 10% of men pass the course.  (THESE PICTURES ARE GENERAL TRAINING IMAGES not necessarily linked to the Army Rangers).

This is an intense 61-day combat leadership course oriented toward small-unit tactics. It has been called the “toughest combat course in the world”[1] and “is the most physically and mentally demanding leadership school the Army has to offer”

Two of the nineteen female soldiers who started the training have graduated and will be the first women in history to earn the Ranger Tab on August 21, 2015

carrying wounded colleagues

carrying wounded colleagues


The purpose of the course is learning to become a combat leader while enduring the great mental and psychological stresses and physical fatigue of combat. With only an average of 3.5 hours of sleep, the women had to train for about 20 hours per day with full gear and weapons.

Here are some of the physical and metal challenges:

-12 mile foot march in three hours with full gear

-Several obstacle courses including water, mud and barbed wire

-Four days of military mountaineering

-Three parachuette jumps

-Four air assaults on helicopters

-27 days of mock combat patrols


  • Push-ups: 49 (in 2 minutes, graded strictly for perfect form)
  • Sit-ups: 59 (in 2 minutes)
  • Chin-ups: 6 (performed from a dead hang with no lower body movement)
  • 5 mile individual run in 40 minutes or less over a course with gently rolling terrain

Climb Every Mountain – Forge Every Stream

The trainees are placed in an isolated region for four days.

In the winter, the temperatures drop very low and frostbite is common.

Swamp Conditions’

Swamp missions include dealing with reptiles and differentiating between venomous and non-venomous snakes.

The Desert Phase


A five day training course includes desert-survival techniques.

War fare situations require the women to breach barbed wire with cutters under fire and assault fortified bunkers.

Peer Evaluations

Since these men and women will become officers, it is necessary for them to evaluate one another. At stake is the fact that they are leading others into battle and other survival tactics. To pass, each individual needs a 60% approval. To make sure there is no bullying or agenda, a failed mark results in the soldier being moved to another unit and given a second chance.

If You Passed – You Overcame……

-weight loss, dehydration, trench foot, heatstroke, frostbite, chilblains, fractures, tissue tears (ligaments, tendons, muscles), swollen hands, feet, knees, nerve damage, loss of limb sensitivity,cellultis, contact dermatitis, cuts, and insect, spider, bee, and wildlife bites.


Food and Sleep Deprivation

Food cannot be eaten unless the command is given. When allowed to eat, it is rushed as if the candidates are under fire.

The Ranger Training Brigade does not maintain weight information in the 21st century, but in the 1980s, Ranger Students lost an average of 25–30 pounds during the Ranger course.   At the moment, these women cannot be placed as officers until regulations change.  What???





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