Aug 192013

Trussian-kiss Two female Russian athletes kissed on the winners podium to protest Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law, reports Sky News. Kseniya Ryzhova and Tatyana Firova kissed after they helped their team win the 4 x 400 meter relay at the World Athletics Championship in Moscow on Saturday

Paula writes:  Thank you Kseniya and Tatyana.  Your message helps many gays and lesbians not only in Russia, but around the world.

. While Sky News seems certain that the kiss was a political statement, others aren’t so sure. Gay Star News says it is “unclear” whether the kiss was merely a sign of affection or whether the athletes were “blatantly defying Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ laws since neither of the athletes have released a statement.” Regardless, the kiss could land the athletes in legal trouble considering it expressly goes against the much-criticized law that bans anything that may be seen as a promotion of homosexuality.

Russian response:

“I think this is kind of an invented problem,” he said. “We don’t have a law banning non-traditional sexual relations, we have a different law. It is the informational protection of the young generation. We want to prevent the young generation, whose psyche has not been formulated. We want to protect them against drunkenness, drugs and non-traditional sexual relations. We want them to grow up and when they become adults they have to define what they want.”

Paula’s response:

Teens will not be kept away from alcohol and drugs!  They experiment and learn. Why not expose them through education – to alcohol, drugs and non-traditional sexual relations.

 They can question and learn.  Education will help them make choices.  Silence and ignorance will only bring misinformation.

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