Aug 222017

To Prime Minister Turnbull: If USA States Had Voted on Segregation

Turnbull is despicable.  He’s that kind of person that hides behind the “Mother’s Skirt” of politics.  He is like Pontius Pilate that symbolically ‘washed his hands’ before the angry Jewish crowd and there was a victim – Jesus!

The victims of Turnbull’s ‘hand washing’ may be loving LGBT persons who simply want to marry the person of their choice.  In the Bible, beginning at Genesis, time after time, it is “one man and many wives” and sometimes, concubines.  And back then (and now) right-wing Christian used the Bible as justification for segregation!!!

Martin Luther King, Jnr. did not wait until equality was given to Afro-Americans.  He marched peacefully and suffered as police and white supremacists smahed the faces and bodies of his marchers.  He watched as police dogs viciously bit people who only wanted to use public washrooms of their choice and sit with whites in public dining areas!

Federal Governments Must Ensure Equality for  ALL Citizens

John Kennedy and his brother, Robert, started the process of equality for all Americans.  It was, however, President Johnson that called out the National Guard to safeguard James Meredith, the Afro-American, that wanted to attend Little Rock, Arkansaw, University.  It was the National Guard that stood by as determined Afro-American high school kids walked the gammit of hate calling white peers.  The hatred and fear was so great that the National Guard remained until these students finished high school and university.

No Post/Mailing Vote in the Southern States!

If President Johnson had resorted to the spineless vote of southern states, there would still have been segregation for further years or even now!

If you look at the civil war countries: Rawanda, Serbia, the Sudan, South Africa etc: Peace only came from the intervention of those in the battle for human rights or pressure from agencies such as the U.N and Amnesty International.

Turnbull will go down on record as a spineless Prime Minister.  The LGBTI community and its supporters must expose and defeat him!

“What do we want?”

“Human Equality!”

“When do we want it?”
“Right Now!:”


P.S  For the record, it is gay couples world-wide that are adopting children of all races.  What is deplorable, is the number of “Christian” adoption agencies that, on “religious objections” will not let gay couple adopt. Shame!   “Jesus wept.”

How many Nazis or Right-Wing Christians are doing the above?

Point No.2 – Mr. Turnbull Look at Science!

In March 2016, the World Psychiatrist Association, a scientific body of over 250,000 psychiatrists world-wide in 181 countries wrote to the U.N and world leaders.  They stated that homosexuality CANNOT be changed and is therefore NOT a choice.  Now, Mr. Prime Minister, give homosexualities a choice in whom they can marry!

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