Aug 232017

THE INSANITY OF TRUMP AFFECTS US ALL – If Trump nukes North Korea the fall out hits South Korea and Japan and Asian countries.  If N.K nukes the USA – the winds will bring nuclear devastation to Canada, Central America and off shore Islands.

TRUMP: The White House Child.


When Trump faces the reality of his popularity falling or companies abandoning his boards and councils: Economic, Scientific, Environmental, Health etc – Trump arranges a “Huge” rally in a Republican state.  The recent one was held in Arizona.  There were ads (real or not) that advertized $10 per hour for those willing to hold a sign.  I kid you not, but one white woman was holding a sign “Blacks for Trump.”  This photo has gone viral on the internet.

Trump’s Sanity?

James Clapper

General James Clapper (retired) and the U.K Ambassador to the USA (retired) have openly questioned Trump’s mental capacity to hold the office of President of the USA.  And CNN commentator Don Lemon has also publicly voiced this opinion.  What does it take for Republicans to move and impeach him on the Constitutional clause that allows a President to be removed for “unfit” reasons.

Former British ambassador to the U.S. Peter Westmacott

You Can’t Argue with Stupid

I went on Bannon’s Breithbart News site, just to refresh my mind about the Trump supporters and their thinking capacity.  There was an article on George and Amal Clooney giving one million dollars to the South Poverty Law Association that fights prejudice.  Here are a few comments.

“Amal = a male.”      “Clooney only thinks of himself.” 

“Clooney and his money makes him dangerous and selfish.”

I listed the countless agencies that this couple supports:  They cover poverty, children, war victims, women’s needs, UNICEF, The United Way (that helps all Americans).

The response I got was …..”garbage mouth.”     “Ignorant liberal.”

“He does not help Vets and American causes.”

Sitting in a public bus – KKK members

Another racist comment was about ‘BLACK” athletes, rich and disrespecting America.  I asked what percentage?  And was there a written law that ‘BLACKS” should not advance in sports.  Then, I reminded the writer that “BLACKS” are doctors, surgeons, lawyers, dentists, pilots, lab technicians, nurses and workers in all industries.

America Needs to Mobilize

In the numbers of Martin Luther King, Jnr., America needs to march and protest the hatred directed towards minorities:  Mexicans, LGBTI persons, Jews, Muslims, Women, etc. etc.   We must learn from history.  Hitler was not taken seriously, until he had amassed an army of Nazis.   It needs to be done NOW.

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