Nov 092016

Here’s just some of what Donald Trump has pledged throughout the campaign:




  • Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement and “walk away” from it if the US does not get what it wants
  • Increase tariffs on Chinese imports to 45 per cent

Law and order


  • Scrap the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare
  • Allow the states to take back control of abortion laws. Says public funding of abortion providers is “an insult to people of conscience”
  • Punish doctors who carry out illegal abortions. At one point he also advocated punishing women who have illegal abortions, but he appeared to backtrack on that 
  • Fix America’s mental health system, which he says will prevent many mass shootings

Economy and jobs

Defence and national security

  • Try and improve the relationship with Russia: “If Russia and the United States got on well and went after ISIS, that would be good”
  • Submit a new budget to rebuild America’s “depleted military”
  • Make countries that benefit from America’s defence force cover some of the cost
  • Pursue “aggressive joint and coalition military operations to crush and destroy ISIS
  • Work with other countries to cut off funding to ISIS
  • Initiate cyberwarfare to disrupt and disable ISIS propaganda and recruiting
  • Order an immediate review of all US cyber vulnerabilities

Nuclear weapons

Climate change


  • Scrap the Common Core program, which dictates what students should learn in each grade. He says curriculum decisions and standards should be made at a local level
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