Apr 252016

Paula here:

It’s hard to conceive what a pile of dollars would look like if they were to equal one billion!  Isn’t it a million x million?  Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire.  He lives in a world that most people can’t even dream about.  He hob-nobs with the rich and famous.  I just saw a picture of Hillary and Bill Clinton talking to The Donald.  They were invited to his wedding.  “Eh, nothing personal, Hillary, but you’re not the man, I mean woman for the White House  job – no, I was right first time – it’s a man’s job.”  I have difficulties putting this blog into a category, so I’ve opted for “This is Ridiculous” (meaning how rich do you need to be?) and “This is Great” meaning that wouldn’t most of us love to have his money.  Unfortunately, my conscience would require me parting with a lot of it.

Here are the photos of The Donald’s plane.


“Get out of the way – this is my air space!  Look, I’m so rich that I own most of the world, the sea below it and, of course, the air. ”


“Look, there may have bathroom problems in North Carolina, but hell, my bathroom is unisex.”



“Look, I’ve never used a plastic glass in my life – I wouldn’t know how to hold it.”



“I’m working on Barron, that’s my youngest boy!  I’ve tried him with caviar and the finest food money can buy, but you know what – he wants a big Mac.   I give in, but I have my standards.  He has to eat it on a gold rimmed china plate.”


“Look, I’m the main source of entertainment – but what can I do?  My wife and kid want Hollywood, but they can’t get it unless they watch at least one episode of  The Apprentice”.


Time to count properties and investments before I fall asleep!

Paula:  Now, I don’t want to get sued by the big man – so I want to state that these are my words, LOL.

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