Oct 092017


  1. Which food did Victorians put down as “little bags of mystery?”

a) M & Ms     b) sausages     c) tea

2.    Which American movie star first appeared on a postage stamp?

a) Elizabeth Taylor     b) Errol Flynn      c) Grace Kelly

3.    What would you expect to find in a Binnacle?

a) ship’s compass      b) telescope       c) lobster traps

4.   Which movie star made the cover of LIFE magazine the most times?

a) Elizabeth Taylor    b) Clark Gable     c)Mae West

5. Baked beans were originally served in what sauce?

a) tomato      b) molasses       c) butter sauce

6. What number is considered ‘lucky’ in Italy?

a) 1    b) 13    c) 50

7.  Napoleon suffered from “Europhobia.”  This is a fear of……

a) crossing the ocean   b) cats     c) mice

8. What is the largest bay in the world?

a) Hudson Bay (Canada)  b.) Bay of Bengal (India)  c) Bay of Fundy (Canada)

9. What city would you be in if you landed at Healthrow?

a) London    b) USA      c) Sydney (Australia)

10. What does b.i.d mean on  a prescription?

a) twice daily    b) once daily    c) drink with liquids

Trivia answers belong the jokes.

Jokes: – Doctor, Doctor

Patient:   Doctor, what should I do if my temperature goes up five more points?

Doctor:    Sell.

Patient:   If I give up wine, women and dining out, will I live longer?

Doctor:   Not really.   It will just seem longer.

Patient:   My hair keeps falling out.   What can you give me?

Doctor:    A shoe box?

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