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Trish and I left our house/pet sitting assignment south of Barcelona and drove northwards towards the Principality of Andorra.  It was thrilling to see the start of the Pyrennes mountains.  Upon entering Andorra, we did not have to have our Canadian Passport checked.  A nice man just welcomed us.

The capital of Andorra is “Andorra la Vella.”  As the car driver, I had to be fully awake and careful.  My only negative statement about Andorra is directed towards the “lunatic drivers” who tailgate and take roundabouts like they were on a Grand Prix circuit.  I have driven in busy cities like Milan, Barcelona and London, but they are tame compared to the drivers of Andorra.  The people are wonderful (those not in a car) and we felt welcomed.   paula.

The capital of Andorra

The capital of Andorra

Here are some facts – not necessarily in any order.

Facts 1:

In Europe Andorra ranks in as the sixth smallest nation. It consists of 181 square miles. It is known as the Principality of Andorra. The Principality came into existence in 1278 and was ruled jointly by the Bishop of Catalonia, Spain – and – the President of France until 1993. They are now (2015) considered as titular Heads of State and Andorra is governed by its own government.

Facts 2:

The capital city of Andorra is Andorra la Vella. In Europe this capital is the highest based on elevation. It is 3,356 feet above sea level. It is not not part of the European Union but the Euro is used as currency.

Facts 3:

The main language of Andorra is Catalan with Spanish and French being understood. It has a temerate temperature with warm dry summers and cold snowy winters.The population in 2010 was 84,525 with 10% literacy.

Facts 4:

Tourism is the main industry in Andorra and they shop for duty free items. In 2015, gasoline/petrol was 0.87 Euros and 1.20 Euros in neighboring France. Andorra does not have an airport.

Facts 5:

Andorra is ranked fourth in the world when it comes to human life expectancy. The expected life span of a person in Andorra is 82 years of age.

Facts 6:

There is no official army in Andorra. They are protected by France and Spain. However, when emergencies arise within Andorra all men between the ages of 21 and 60 are required by law to serve and defend.

Facts 7:

By law the male head of each family in Andorra is required to own a gun in case of attack or emergency.

Facts 8:

Out of each year Andorra commonly receives 300 days of sunshine.

Facts 9:

Only 2 percent of Andorra is used for agriculture. The majority of food and resources has to be shipped in to the country. Sheep are raised here and tobacco and furniture raises income for its citizens.

Facts 10:

Free healthcare is provided by the government for all individuals that are employed. The country boasts of 100% literacy.

For Trish and myself, house/pet sitting is an inexpensive way to see the world.  It is easy to go online and find sites.  For us, this way of life is an open classroom.   paula.

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