Oct 252013

Millie one of our first dogs to house sit.

Travels of Paula and Trish # 4

France is divided into 26 regions. Our temporary home is in the  Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France.  The entire area is devoted to tourism and wine growing.

This whole region is a wine growing area.  Naturally, Trish and I had to sample as many kinds that were available and within our budget.

We lives five minutes away from Pezenas, France and were currently looking after five  Jack Russell terriers and Millie

Pezenas was visited in 1215 by the King.  He was distressed because his had to leave his favorite sick mare in the town and go on to the crusades without her.  When he returned, not only had his sick mare recovered, but she had given birth to a colt.

The king was overjoyed and commanded that the town build a wooden colt to be used in all future festivities.


Beziers is about a twenty-minute drive.  It is the second oldest city in France and its castle and bridges are spectacular.  It has a sad history.  In 1209 there were ‘heretics’ living within the castle.  The Pope with his army the Crusaders ordered that they be turned over.  The town refused and everyone in it (heretics and non-heretics numbering 20,000 were slaughtered.

Carcassonne castle, an hour drive away, is the second most visited tourist site after Paris.


Carcassonne castle.

It is a magnificent  medieval castle that has been used for many movies (Robin, Prince of Thieves).  It was built and rebuilt so well that no invading armies were able to penetrate it.

We visited this castle on, October 17, 2013 when the crowds were reduced, but this weekend we may not be so lucky to have the castle virtually all to ourselves.  There will be a medieval festival, complete with knights, jousting, singers, ladies of the court, etc.

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