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Families that are travelling are comprised of parents that are gay or straight (and other).  The images are typical male/female, for which I apologize.   paula.  Well, upon closer inspection – who knows? LOL.


  • images-1 images  Don’t Rush it.
  • As an adult, you may have your own list of places to visit, but cut the number in at least half.  Prioritize and be satisfied.  Toddlers and young children have no concept of time.  Playing in a park in Paris may well be their top priority.  Plan for stalling tactics, toilet stops and tantrums.  If you are travelling as two adults – take turns babysitting while your partner visits that “must see site.”

Book an Extra Day in a Hotel


  • Do low key activities around and in your hotel on that extra day.  Perhaps, just use the pool to swim and relax.
  •   Give the Kids a Cheap Camera
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  • Gone are the days of film and wasted shots, of double photos.  Give children a cheap kid-friendly and inexpensive camera.  That will encourage them to observe their surroundings.  It will make for a great recap at the end of the day.
  • Packing
  • Select ‘old’ clothes and observe what your kids pack.  How many toys do they really need.  Have them select at least two of their favourite items – that will make starting the day easier.

Keeping Them Happy on Planes, Boats and Trains.

This is the age of apps and games.  Books can be loaded on iPads (but make sure that you have a contact phone or email address label on all valuable items.  To make such an activity special, perhaps a parent can lend his/her iPad. If you’re heading out on a long journey have a collection of toys to be handed out once an hour. Handheld puzzles, tiny colouring books, stickers, wordsearches and even tiny packs of Plasticine will pass the time on a long flight or car journey.

Vary TransportationUnknown-2

Hired cars are probably the best bet, but the odd train ride or boat trip can be memorable.  Keep these activities short enough to be enjoyable and not boring

Safe-Guarding Your Children.images-8 Unknown-3

Travelling with children is tiring.  When parents get tired, they are less aware of strangers/criminals around them.  Invest in a child locator.  A child wears a small unit (strapped to a belt or shoe) and the transmitter is with a parent.  If a child is loathe alarm goes off and it is a matter of following the sound to locate him or her.

Staying Healthy


Use antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizes to keep everyone healthy. Have a first aid kit that includes bandaids (plasters), string treatment and a thermometer.  Pack according to your child and doctor’s instructions of personal medication.  Avoid sugar rushes – hand out fruit, nuts, cheese cubes and health foods.

images-9 images-10

  • Older Children: Should be encouraged to keep a journal.  Ask them to take pictures and write about the fun events of the day.  Have them turn it into an album that can be placed on a coffee table.  The journal/album can be a Christmas present for grandparents or other relatives.  Have them send the odd postcard.  They might like to send one to themselves with a message of fun activities.  Using the internet as a journal that is sent to friends with a copy to parents is a fun way to record the day’s activities.

Tattoo – The Fun Part

Write your mobile number on your child’s arms when travelling.

Bon Voyage!

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