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Donald Trump in his complete ignorance (of most things) has failed to honour transgendered persons who have served in the past and who are bravely serving the USA now.   Here is a story of Deborah Sampson.

Deborah Sampson

Carving of Deborah Sampson

Deborah was born December 27, 1760 and died at the age of 67 on April 19, 1827.  At the age of 22, Deborah Sampson disguised herself as a man and served in the Continental Army  The year was 1782.  Was she a transgendered person or simply a woman who wanted the adventures and money afforded to men.? After her honourable discharge, Deborah married Benjamin Gannett. She was 25 years of age at the time.  Was this a marriage of love or the way for most women to be monetarily supported and protected?  Did she marry to have children?  They had three children and they adopted a child to live on their farm.

Massachusetts, U.S.A

Herman Mann, Sampson’s biographer describes her as  5 ft. 7 inches, which at the time, was taller than most women and certainly considered the height of a man.  She enlisted under the male name of Timothy Thayer and luckily for her, there were no physical examinations for recruits. They simply needed to have front teeth and the ability to load a musket.  These things Deborah could perform.

Acting Like a Male Soldier

Deborah enlisted to fight against the British forces in the American War of Independence.  She hid her breasts by wrapping a bandage around her chest region.  The bandage was hidden by her uniform.  Deborah had blemish free skin but her overall look was masculine and serious.

Bravery Under Fire

From my research, Deborah was fired upon and several bullets entered her leg.  She refused medical attention and removed one musket ball with a knife and stitched herself with a needle.  A second musket ball remained lodged and she never was able to remove it.

True Identity

After having served bravely for a year and showing extreme bravery by removing a musket ball by herself, Deborah fell ill in 1783.  A doctor was summoned and her true identity as a woman became known.  Rather than being shamed and kicked out of the army, Deborah was given an honourable discharge.  She was given sufficient money to travel home.

A Feisty Woman After Army Service

In 1792, At the age of 33, Deborah petitioned the Massachusetts State Legislature for the pay which the army had withheld from her because she had been revealed as a female. She was awarded a pension plus interest when she had been discharged in 1783 (9 years previous).

A Woman For All Women

In 1802, at the age of 42, Deborah began giving lectures about her wartime service.  Each lecture praised the traditional role of women, but at the end of her presentation, she left the stage and returned in her army uniform.  She earned money but also justified her army service.

She was a friend of the famous Paul Revere and he petitioned that she should receive an Invalid Pension.  It was approved.

Trump Has Served in the Military

Some kind of foot injury prevented Trump from serving in the Vietnam War.  Many rich young persons were able to be exempt either by university studying or claiming some form of disability.  How many of these used doctors and paid them well for such certification of disability?

Here are Photos of Today’s Military

How many transgendered persons are serving bravely for the USA in war zones?  Trump needs an education and compassion for anyone sent into war.    paula.


How many of these crosses represent:
straight, gay, bi-sexual, lesbian, transgendered soldiers?

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