May 202013

“W” wins transgender case rights to marry her boyfriend.
Hong Kong 2013

Transgender:  W in Hong Kong and Chaz Bono in U.S.A.

May 13, 2013: Hong Kong

A transgender woman “W” has won the right to marry her boyfriend in a watershed ruling from Hong Kong’s top court.

The Court of Final Appeal ruled on Monday in favour of the woman, identified only as W. One of the judges on the five-member panel dissented. The surprise decision brings the semiautonomous Chinese city in line with a few other places in Asia like Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, where transgender people are allowed to marry in their new gender.



Chasity Bono.

In 2008, Chaz Bono, only child of entertainers, Sonny and Cher, made the decision to be a transgender male.  Thirteen years earlier, in 1995, then known as Chastity, she came out as a lesbian.  Like any human, Chastity/Chaz needed time to become aware of her/his identity identity.

Chaz in 2013.


Is there a typical transgender person?  No.  Each story (like homosexuals or heterosexuals) is a unique path, with some similarities inherently formed.

A transgender person (to my best knowledge) is a person who makes a self-identification  as a  female, male   It does not imply any specific form of sexual orientation.  Transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, pansexual, poly-sexual or asexual.  A transgender person at birth may have been assigned a sex by parents or doctors.

Transgender identity may take place over many years, as the person becomes moe aware of who they are, and have the confidence and desire, to make a choice.   Experts claim that it is not necessary to have surgery to qualify.  A transgender woman with a penis can find a heterosexual male to form a relationship.  Common courtesy requires that we use a person’s name, for example, Susan, and refer to Susan as a transgender woman.  Other terms: trans man refers to female-to-male (F2M) and trans woman refers to male-to-female (M2F)


Transsexual people identify as a member of the sex opposite to that assigned at birth, and desire to live and be accepted as such.  Transsexual people may undergo gender transition, the process of aligning one’s gender expression with their internal gender identity.  When they are satisfied as to their identity, they may simply refer to themselves as male or female (no longer referring to their sex at birth).

Transsexuals may undergo gender reassignment therapy which usually begins with hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen, progestogens and antiandrogens, can have undesirable effects on body organs and body systems.  Careful monitoring is needed. Emotions can be likened to a roller coaster until they settle down.  There may be reduced male erections.  Changes also occur in skin, eyes, breasts and facial and body hair.  Those who proceed, have weighed the dangers, and are willing to try for a new life.

Our willingness to accept all humans in their sexuality or sexuality identity makes us better people.

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