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Pat's incredible speech

Pat’s incredible speech

May 2014: She stood in front of the audience flashing her brilliant seventeen year old smile. Her gold hair flowed on to her green top.  The people before her listened.  The magnificent moments played out at  Pat, a 17-year-old from Azusa, California, has given an incredible, inspiring speech at the Trangender Law Center’s summit for future leaders.  This happened in May 2014 and I just found it by researching for this website.   paula.

 Raised a Catholic and Living in Motels
Pat Cordova-Goff was fourteen years of age when she ‘came out.’  Both her parents were laid off and they lost their home.  Living in motels with three sisters, Pat was still able to achieve an incredible 4.0 average. In her speech she stated that she received hand-me-downs from cousins.
An Unlikely Source of Information:  Al Jazeera America
I found the original story of Pat on Gay Star News, but it was limited in its information.  I put Transgender Law Center into Google with the name Pat – and Al Jazeera had a story for me.  Here it is in a shortened version.  I would like to thank the staff sat Al Jazeera for their truth and compassion.   paula.

She added in her speech, “‘I think the secret of life, like Diana said, is not to lead our lives by our head but by our heart.”

We wish you every success, Pat, on your way to the White House.    paula.

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