Jul 272016
Ash with female friends

Ash with female friends


Paula here.   Put yourself in this young person’s life at school.

Ash Whitaker’s birth certificate names him as female, but she identifies as male.   Ash through his lawyer has launched a lawsuit against his school in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

Forced to Wear a Green Bracelet


Ash has been forced to wear a “Green Bracelet” to tell teaching staff and students that he is a transgendered male.

If you are familiar with history that discriminates, you will know that LGBTI persons during the Nazi terror, were forced to wear pink triangles and Jews were forced to wear the yellow Star of David. What is going on? This Green Bracelet tyranny has been put in place by the school board to “enable staff to identify students as transgendered.” . The school eventually instructed security guards to ensure Whitaker didn’t use the boys restroom.

Compounded Problems.

Kenosha, Wisconsin student, Ash Whitaker, who, due to medical issues, has to drink a lot of water, tried to stop going to the bathroom at school, endangering his health. This is mental and physical cruelty. How can Ash be part of a school community that singles him out for discrimination!! To back this statement up, I found that school staff insists on calling Ash by his female birth name. He was not allowed to run for Prom King.

Law Suit

Ash’s lawyers are citing stigmatization and harassment

This March, Whitaker was told he would need to get medical documentation to use the boys bathroom. His mother contacted his pediatrician, who sent the school a letter recommending he be allowed to use the boys bathroom, but to no avail. School staff wanted official documentation of a medical transition.

Obama Administration Responds

Thank you

Thank you

In response, the Obama administration made a clear statement in May 2016 affirming that trans students have the right to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender. However, many states politicians and school boards are ‘digging in their heels.” One school board member in North Carolina suggested that female students carry pepper spray in case “things go wrong.”

Ash and the State of Wisconsin

Unfortunately for Ash, his state is suing the federal government on this issue.   For years, we as women, have not paid attention to females using the toilet and then washing their hands. We may look in the mirror, but it is to see our face. If I saw in the mirror a transgendered female, it would not disturb me. There has not been ONE issue raised anywhere in the USA.

Good luck, Ash.Unknown-5

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