Aug 182017

ROUNDUP-7-articleLargeWhen people think of New Zealand, they may think of a land of sheep and the beautiful scenery that was the background to “Lord of the Rings.”  Others may praise New Zealand as the first country to give women the vote and gays and lesbians are waiting with positive expectation of equality of marriage as being a upcoming reality.

Now, let me introduce you to another wonder- the lesbian sisters comedy act named after them – The Topp Twins.  Their names are Jools and Lynda and their surname is Topp.

New Zealanders have enjoyed their country music-singing comedy act for over twenty-five years.  Their creation of iconic Kiwi characters were so successful that they were given their own television show.

In April 2009, their feature film UNTOUCHABLE GIRLS was released.  After just four weeks at the box office, it made over one million dollars.  Their success prior to 2009 was the release of musical albums:  Flowergirls and cowgirls, Grass Highway and Two Timing.  They sing a combination of country-folk music flavoured and mixed with comedy and yodeling.

Joles and Lynda are openly lesbian and have fun playing male roles as “Ken and Ken.”

They are often on tour – so go to the internet and look at their itinerary.  You might also like to visit their web page and purchase their film or albums/cds.  They are the Topps!

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