Sep 282017

Seattle rapper Macklemore has criticized a petition that asked him not to perform “Same Love” at a rugby league grand final in Australia.

Macklemore is flying to Australia for a one-off performance at Sunday’s National Rugby League (NRL) grand final.  An expected 4 million people are expected to watch the event on television.


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott don’t want the song performed. He’s claim it politicizes sport and they want to ‘remove LGBTIQ politics out of the awesome sport of Rugby League’.

Abbott the Bigot

Tony Abbott’s sister is a married gay woman.   His daughter was written that she heard “Same Love” while parking her car.  She bought the CD and it really changed her thinking.  She is fully supportive of Marriage Equality.  Politics and the law has rendered gays and lesbians as “unequal.”  This is certainly about politics – of changing the unfair law and making Australia the 20th country to legalize same0-sex marriage.


The above states:

Gay marriage won’t lead to dog marriage.

It is NOT a slippery slope to rampant inter-species coupling.

When women got the right to vote, it didn’t lead to hamsters

voting.  Ho court has extended the equal protection clause

to salmon.   Bill Maher.



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