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You comb it – dry it – jell it or yell at it!  It’s natural or dyed.  You pay for its style or get it done in a woman-friendly barber.  It was cut by Delilia and Samson lost his strength or so the Biblical myth goes.  It has been called a “woman’s crowning glory.”  It has been chopped off before beheading or cut short before a woman becomes a nun.  In Buddhist countries men, women and young boys shave it off before entry into a temple.  It is, of course, hair.


images-11Growing up as a tomboy I wanted a short hair cut.  I didn’t play with the girls with long hair who constantly combed their dolls’ hair.  I wore it long in my early twenties for about five years and that was the last time I wore long hair.

In Thailand there are tomboys who do not wish to be called lesbians.  I have done a couple of articles on them, so you might want to go to my home page or the internet.  The majority of models wear long hair and surveys have stated that men still like long hair.  So perhaps for many lesbians, cutting their hair is like putting up a ‘middle finger’ to the world. Of course, there are many lesbians who are quite feminine and wear long hair.  Thank heavens for diversity and choice.

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Here are some photos.  Perhaps, you might like to be a judge and rank these styles.   LOL.  paula.


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