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Tobias Bota · Universitatea Politehnica Timişoara Defends Lack of Equality for Gays in Romania.  In his other comments he upholds the Orthodox Church stating that when the Ottoman Turks invaded – all the Romanians had was their religion.  That may be so and as an Irish born person, I would say that when England took over Ireland, all the Irish peasants had was the Roman Catholic Church.  However, the Irish having been persecuted by the British for over 300 years, refused to do the same to its Irish gays and lesbians.  In 2015/16 they voted for gay marriage ignoring the narrow views of the Church.  Romania, in my opinion, needs to do the same.  It is the negative and backward influence of the Orthodox church that is hampering Romania to embrace same sex marriage.   Tobias’ comments are in response to gays on this site who have spoken out against this narrow situation in Romania.   Tobias has responded.  I have responded to Tobias.


Here is what Tobias Bota wrote in the comments section on Gay Star News:

Now look at all these lovely comments, CLEARLY your countries have nothing wrong about them right? As for this matter…how about we let the people choose? We fought hard to be a democracy, stop heckling people for their right and desire to vote. As for the gays, their stuff was decriminalized in 2001. Nobody, hated them until they started gathering in the street and flail their shit in front of us and our kids. Also, dear Westerners, stop expecting us to be you. We are not, we can not, we will not be you. We are a different nation, with different history, with different values.

PS: The EU wanted us more than we wanted them.

Here is my reply

Paula Key · University of Toronto

This is not a question of YOU and US or The West v The East. This is about world-wide basic human rights – equality for all of a country’s citizens. Having homosexual sex decriminalized sixteen years ago (2001) was a move to enter the EU. Straight married people have many rights not afforded to gays – hospital visits, sharing of a decased loved one’s estate etc. It is NOT about decriminaliziang “sex” for homosexuals. Where minorities are devalued, it is often in the name of religion (false intepretation of Christian religion). Far right religions are often entrenched in the past. I would like to remind you that in March 2016, the World Psychiatric Association, consisting of over 200,000 psychaitrists in 181 countries wrote wrote enmasse to the U.N and world leaders. The WPA recognized that decriminalizing homosexual sex did not stop the harrassment, the beatings, the shaming by families, the non-employment by companies. It did not stop the murders – jailings and executions in some countries. The WPA stated that homosexuality CANNOT be reversed and it is therefore NOT a choice. Given this scientific statement, it should NOT be hard for Romanians to give their consent to homosexual marriage. Equality for all must be the way of Romania.

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