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Let me introduce you to a brave rainbow sister who defies the dictatorship of Uganda and the murders and violence directed towards that country’s LGBT community.  Hello, wonderful

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera,

Uganda and its Hateful Christians who are also Politicians.

The homophobic Rev. Scott Lively (American) set out with other “Christians” to give workshops to government workers who were compelled by the President’s wife to attend.  Lively is now on charges of Crimes Against Humanity brought by Uganda LGBT.  Lively and other “Christians” whipped up hatred and Parliament introduced “Kill the Homosexuals Bill.”   The title was used by a Ugandan newspaper with photos and names of suspected gays.   Lively left for America, but one gay advocate, David Kato, was murdered in his home in daylight.

Uganda’s President’s Hidden Agenda 

President Museveni was left to sign an amended anti-gay bill that took away the death penalty and issued long jail sentences.  Crafty and politically savvy, Museveni asked for psychologists and other scientists to give their opinion on homosexuality.   A letter was signed by over 60 scientists from around the world that stated: “Homosexuality is not a mental illness or perversion and since it cannot be reversed, it is not a choice by individuals.”   Museveni ignored this letter, and the same information that is on psychological associations websites world-wide.   He signed the bill as it was presented in front of him – and no doubt his “Christian” wife looked on and rejoiced.   These “Christians” refuse to follow Jesus’ call to “not judge” and to “love one another.”   They refuse to look beyond selected biblical quotes that are often NOT in historical content.   Leviticus abomination “man shall not lie with a man” is just one of one hundred abominations in the Book of Leviticus.  Not to love is an abomination.   The Apostle Paul is quoted speaking against men with men and women with women, but this was a warning to new Christian converts in Greece and Roman to avoid “Temple Prostitution” and the orgies that went on to honour the fertility goddesses.  Paul was really insisting the new Christians avoid pagan gods and goddesses.  Poorly versed in the Bible has led to violence and pain world wide and preachers are to blame!

LGBT Uganda (from The Advocate)

In what’s being celebrated as a monumental moment of visibility for Uganda’s beleaguered LGBT community, one of the nation’s leading LGBT activists graces this week’s cover of Time magazine’s Europe edition.

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera, an out lesbian and co-founder and editor of Uganda’s first LGBT publicationBombastic, tells The Advocate she hopes the cover will not only bring awareness to the plight of LGBT Ugandans, but help people around the world realize that LGBT people are their friends, neighbors, and family members.

“It’s a great honor for me to be on the cover because it brings attention to the global LGBT struggle,” Nabagesera tells The Advocate. “Now many people will know about the struggles LGBT people go through in Africa and the world over. They will realize that the people they hate most are actually the people they love most when they get to read the article. They could be hating on their beloved family and friend without knowing they are LGBT.”

Nabagesera, who is also the executive director of advocacy organization Freedom and Roam Uganda, boldly poses on Time’s cover, her fist raised alongside the cover line “Out in Africa.”

“More than ever, the world shouldn’t neglect the human rights of LGBT people,because we are here to stay — and part and parcel of the development of this world,” Nabagesera adds, speaking to The Advocate via Facebook. “All we need is respect, and protection from violence, and our basic inalienable human rights. Speaking out and bringing attention to the plight of LGBT people is life. I will not be silenced by anyone.”

That drumbeat is one Nabagesera has long been beating: Beginning in 2013, Nabagesera was one of a dozen LGBTI Ugandans who worked with The Advocate to compile a photo essay that shared firsthand stories from these diverse individuals. Although the article received several awards — including a 2014 GLAAD Award for Oustanding Digital Journalism, Multimedia — editors with this publication took the story offline after Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper plagiarized the story wholesale, splashing a headline on the front page reading “Uganda’s Top Gays Speak: How We Became Homos.”

With Nabagesera’s permission, The Advocate has republished her portion of that award-winning project. Hear from the fearless activist in her own words what it was like growing up gay in Uganda here.

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