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The March 2013 cover of lesbians and gay men kissing has sparked controversy.

Time’s Managing Editor, Rick Stengel, made this comment: “Some thought they were sensationalist and too in-your-face. Others felt the images were beautiful and symbolized the love that is at the heart of the idea of marriage.

Kristin (pictured on the left) gave a statement about their willingness to appear on the Time cover.

s_500_opednews_com_0_time-gay-marriage-jpg_66204_20130329-809Sarah and I got married shortly after equality passed in New York State. It’s difficult to put into words what it felt like to validate our relationship that way in front of our family, friends, and neighbors. I often get choked up with emotion when trying to talk about it. Exhilarating. Justifying. Romantic. Amazing. None of those words individually captures it. Since becoming mothers, our tireless efforts for equality are more for our children than ourselves. We think of our kids on the playground with every other child they are growing up with – most have married parents. And now our children do too.”


Ellen, please sign my original Time cover page.
Hugs, Paula

In April, 1997, Ellen was featured on the cover of Time with the caption, “Yep, I’m Gay.”   (I still have my copy and I’m hoping one day Ellen will sign it).

Time interviewed Ellen about her coming out.  Here is what she said.

“I hate that term ‘in the closet,'” says Ellen DeGeneres, the aforementioned sitcom star whose all-pants wardrobe and sometimes awkward chemistry with male ingenues was provoking curiosity from fans and reporters long before her sexuality became a minor national obsession. “Until recently I hated the word lesbian too,” she continues. “I’ve said it enough now that it doesn’t bother me. But lesbian sounded like somebody with some kind of disease. I didn’t like that, so I used the word gay more often.”

Many people may not know that the comedian/actress/writer, Lily Tomlin was asked to ‘come out’ on a Time cover twenty-two years before Ellen.

‘TIME magazine offered me the cover in 1975 if I would come out,’ Tomlin tells Entertainment Weekly.‘I was a bit insulted that they thought I’d trade my personal life for the cover of TIME,’ she says. ‘It’s probably just as well.’

It seems to me, that this quote by Lily may be taken out of context.  This was her decision back in 1975, but it was also a different era and Ellen obviously felt that the society and timing was just right for her (and many lesbians).  Both women are absolutely correct in their decisions.  Lily has spent a life time working on behalf of gays and lesbians.  She has not ‘hidden in the closet’- most people, including myself, have known that Lily has been in a relationship with the talented writer, Jane Wagner, since 1975.

Lily has featured on a Time cover and here it is below.


March 28, 1977


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