Nov 272016
Spread the news - this product is brewing hatred in the name of God

Spread the news – this product is brewing hatred in the name of God

Thomas Street Coffee may be dangerous to your heart – not your physical heart, but your spiritual heart.  If “One Million Moms” have endorsed it, you know that it has to be connected to organizations of hate and IT IS.  Here is the MOMS endorsement:

One Million Moms is extremely excited to introduce the American Family Association’s newest division or product.  It is called “Thomas Street Coffee Company.  Here is what the MOMS write :With every sip of this delicious coffee, you can know you are helping share the Good News with those around the world.   Then, through sales of specialty coffee in the United States, TSC helps underwrite the ministry of our parent organization, The American Family Association.


The AFA says it promotes “traditional moral values” in media. A large part of that work involves “combating the homosexual agenda” through various means, including publicizing companies that have pro-gay policies and organizing boycotts against them.  The AFA has been very instrumental in Uganda where “Kill the Gays” bill was introduced by pastors supported by AFA. There  supporters and 180,000 subscribers to its Journal.

AFA’s Lies

AFA’s Bryan Fischer blames the Holocaust on LGBTQ people, stating, “Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews.”

The Truth comes through an excerpt from  the Jewish Virtual Library

“After roll call on the evening of June 20, 1942, an order was suddenly given: ‘All prisoners with the pink triangle will remain standing at attention!’ We stood on the desolate, broad square, and from somewhere a warm summer breeze carried the sweet fragrance of resin and wood from the regions of freedom; but we couldn’t taste it, because our throats were hot and dry from fear. Then the guardhouse door of the command tower opened, and an SS officer and some of his lackeys strode toward us. Our detail commander barked: ‘Three hundred criminal deviants, present as ordered!” We were registered, and then it was revealed to us that in accordance with an order from the Reichsfuhrung SS, our category was to be isolated in an intensified-penalty company, and we would be transferred as a unit to the Klinker Brickworks the next morning. The Klinker factory! We shuddered, for the human death mill was more than feared.”

The American Family Association continues to claim homosexuals were responsible for the holocaust but ignore the fact that Hitler’s Munich Speech of 1936 declared that he was severely punish any homosexuals found within the Nazi ranks.

Are You a Church Member?

Make sure that Thomas Street Coffee has not be bought in your church under the guise of helping developing countries.

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