Apr 212013


I thought I’d devote a blog to me, why not?  I mean, here I am trying to blog every day and it’s always about someone or something other than me!  Here I am with the internet out there, millions of possible viewers so it makes sense to seize the opportunity and write about me.  Why not?  Someone might be interested, usually I can count on my spouse and a few good friends.

1. Hair on a shower floor, and it’s not mine:images-26  I’m camping at the moment and there is very little to annoy us.  It’s a senior world here in Florida and parks everywhere have older people just bursting with anticipation to say “hello” to everyone.  So, what could possibly annoy me?   It’s someone else’s hair on the shower floor.  For God’s sakes,it’s your hair, pick it up and don’t leave it for the next person.  Seeing hair that has fallen out, makes most of us cringe.

2.  Bottomless Coffee Cups:  I love the idea of someone attending to me and just meeting my needs.  Yes, the waitress is looking for a tip, but I push that to the back of my mind.  Instead, I think she is a kind woman and she likes me, especially me.

3.  Cats:  I love their attitude.  They really believe they are the centre of your universe.  Time belongs to them: to sleep, lounge around, and sleep again. And they demand attention for petting, feeding and lying on you, although always on their terms. Some have even realized that there is a “bottomless bowl.”images-27


4.  People who butt in:  This is a peeve of mine.  I am being taken care of by a service person, when someone (usually a man) asks a question.  My service provider answers and the man continues to ask more questions.  At this point, I ask the man to wait until I have been served.

5. McDonald;’s Drive Thru:

It does not matter what you order, the ‘voice’ will ask if you want an additional item.images-28

For example:  I ask for:

a)    A hamburger, only please.

Voice:  Would you like fries with it?

b)   A hamburger and fries, only please

Voice:  Would you like a drink with it?

c)    A hamburger, fries and coke, Only please.

Voice:  Would you like a desert with it?

d) I’ll have everything that’s on your menu.

voice: would you like an employee with it (LOL)

That’s it- my moment in the sun….now, you know that if you come to my home, don’t leave your hair in the shower, serve me endless cups of coffee, take care of our cat, and bring home a Chinese take out.



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