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The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles

February, 2016.

 If you ever wondered what it would be like to step on to the planet of Mars, then visit The Pinnacles, limestone formations near the town of Cerventes, Western Australia.

The P:pinnacles

The Pinnacles

Trish and I are house/pet sitting to escape the snow conditions of Canada. Let me give you an idea of temperatures in both countries.

Friends live not far from us and sent us an email with a temperature of -40 c (that is minus 40 degrees) so we sent back an email with a picture of Perth, WA that was reading 40 C (that is above freezing) that is a comparision of 80 degrees!  At the Pinnacles it was a dry 38c and a water bottle was always within reach.

Pink Galahs (parrots)

Pink Galahs (parrots)


The Pinnacles in Namburg National Park

Trish and I were very eager to see the Pinnacles. As the result of an earlier bush fire, we were diverted  to another highway so the park was closed.  Luckily on our way back to Perth, it was the first day that the highway was open as well as the park.

Most visitors drive on marked tracks to take in the hundreds of pillars formed from seashells when this part of the country was under sea.  Thousands of huge limestone pillars rise from a stark landscape of yellow sand to form one of Australia’s most intriguing landscapes.

In places, the pinnacles reach up to 3.5m tall (18-20 ft high). Some are jagged, sharp-edged columns, rising to a point, while others resemble tombstones. The dunes from which the limestone bed was formed was originally laid down by the wind.

Other pinnacles have a mushroom-like shape, due to remnants of a calcrete capping. The mushroom shape has formed because the capping is harder than the limestone below it and therefore weathers at a slower rate.

The Town of Cervantes: (on the Indian Ocean)


Before you enter the town there is a iron frame of The Man from La Manche on a horse with his lance touching a windmill. All the towns have Spanish names. Around this area is the best of two worlds: desert and incredible swimming and fishing areas. We are so glad that we decided to visit Western Australia.

paula. (and Trish).

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