Feb 202013

Sihle Skotshi, was a soccer player who was only 19 years-old when she was murdered. She was a known lesbian and gang raped as “corrective rape” (to turn
lesbians into heterosexual women)

This is dedicated to those men and women who cannot ‘come out

and who do come out’ with dire consequences!

The Ones Who Aren’t Here by John Calvi 1981

I’m thinking about
the ones who aren’t here
and won’t be coming in late,
home all alone
and the family
and won’t be coming out tonight.
Wish I could know
all the lovers and friends
kept from gathering.
I think of you now,
the ways you can go,
we’re all of us refugees

If these women chose to dress this way, that’s fine! But how vulnerable must they feel not being able to see properly and how confining in hot weather.

Telling myself
and the family,
my friends and the folks on the job,
one by one
and it’s never been easy
and me and everyone changed.
The hugs and the tears
when they show you their hearts
and some never speak again.
Every pot off the wheel
can’t bear the kiln,
every love can’t bear the pain.

Death penalty and stoning still in effect in Saudi Arabia. Women are not permitted to drive unless in the presence of a male.

So let’s pass a kiss
and a happy sad tear
and a hug the whole circle round
for the ones who aren’t here
for the hate and the fear
for laughter, for struggle, for life.
Let’s have a song here for me and for you
and the love that we cannot hide.
And let’s have a song
for the ones who aren’t here
and won’t be coming out tonight.

Eudy Sieilani, murdered soccer star from South Africa. Gang raped for being an openly visible lesbian.




music and lyrics copyrighted by John Calvi
www.johncalvi.com   PO Box 301 Putney VT 05346
Recorded by Meg Christian- Meg/Chris Carnegie Hall Nov 1982
Recorded by Suede- Easily Suede 1

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