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There are moments in our lives when something happens that changes our course, or makes us act and think differently. It can be something that someone said, or a book that has been read. It can come through work or our social lives. I believe that wisdom or learning comes for a reason. (The Guru comes when the disciple is ready. For me, Echkart Tolle has become one of the many profound persons that I have encountered).

I believe that as human beings, we do not walk this earth alone. I also believe that help comes to us in human and non-human forms. When enlightened prison institutions introduced the rearing of a puppy to prisoners, many of these inmates changed and changed positively. They had someone to care about and they were responsible for a life.

Echkart Tolle– “The Power of Now”

Around Echkart’s 29th year of existence, he was on the verge of suicide. For him, life was meaningless. “I cannnot live with me!” This thought made him think, “If I – cannot live with ME, then there must be two entities – the “I” and something painful and negative called “ME.” Echart realized that whatever the ME was, it was negative thoughts. The “I” or his higher self or higher awareness needed to change ‘thoughts.’ Through a process, Echkart realized that he made to live in the NOW and control his negative thoughts. He became aware of how much his thinking went into the past – and that the past could not be changed. He realized that we let our thoughts worry about the future – and we miss the joy of the NOW. (I should add that a person with suicidal thoughts should seek medical help for such things as chemical imbalances or the need for counselling).

We Are Rich in Inner Resources

I was listening to Echkart Tolle again this morning on my ipod.

(You have got to read or listen to k many times!!). He emphasized that if we calm our minds and stay in the NOW, we can access deep inner resources; we have them already. He often quotes Jesus and the Buddha to explain that all religions have truth – and the truth is that we must LOVE and dwell in love. He points out that religions have just added layer and layer of dogma and rules that have hidden their essential truths of loving God, loving neighbor and loving ourselves. We must be aware that as soon as we let our mind/thoughts start to judge another person, we have stepped out of the realm of pure love. Instead, we need to think, “I will be a positive source of change in my life and in the lives of others.” When raise our positive energy and send it out into the world – it comes back multiplied and “blesses” or rewards us. We need to light our own candle rather than curse the darkness.

Just Be

Poor self esteem comes from mind thoughts. We may raise our self-esteem by posting positive affirmation stickers on mirrors and constantly repeating these affirmations, but sooner or later, we have to find out how we have progressed. The only way to do this is to compare the self with others. We may feel good if we have a talent that our workmate doesn’t have or we can do more weight bearing exercises then the person beside us at the gym. On the other hand, our self -esteem can drop when our partner looks at another woman and we think, “I am not as beautiful as her!” It is then essentially a roller coaster of emotions and emotions come from our thoughts. If I have understood Echkart (and sometimes it is difficult), I think he is asking us to go beyond “the physical realm” and into who we truly are – spirit. The flowers do not ask – “How am I doing?”

Birds do not ask, “Am I more beautiful than that bird?” The human, ego needs to constantly compare and out of this comparison comes tension and worry. (We never have enough money – someone’s life is better –my parents loved my brother more than me – If I had been born with my sister’s looks, I’d be married to a lawyer, etc. etc).

For practical reasons, we need to compare – Why does Mary get through her work quicker than I?” Rather than thinking that Mary is a better worker, smarter, etc etc. It can be a simple task of watching Mary or asking her what is her secret. Why did George get promoted over me? Was it because he is a male or was it on account of his night courses in People Management Skills? While some success is a matter of ‘good luck,’ most success comes from hard work and projecting positive thoughts and actions.

Watch Your Thoughts

Echkhart’s wisdom has made my life easier and I would like to think – more profound. I watch my thoughts. Sometimes, the thought is negative; I remember someone taking advantage or hurting me. Then, I tell myself to “let it go” – it happened in the past and what good does it do me to drag it into the now? If I am dwelling in the past – then I am missing the NOW. Most of worry about the future – will there be enough money? The answer if either “yes” or “no.” We can deal with that situation when it becomes a reality or we can be practical and save some extra money. However, Aunt Matilda could leave us a fortune or we meet a new friend/partner who has money and invites us to live that with his/her. This reminds me of a blind lady that was old and moved into a nursing home. She told the nursing assistant, “Oh, it’s lovely. It is just what I wanted.”

The nurse replied, “But Mrs. Brown, you are blind; how can you know what it looks like?” And Mrs. Brown replied, “Ah, but I can see it and I can feel it and I am contented.” We will move into the future with WHO WE ARE – and we will take our positive or negative thoughts with us.

Quotes from Echkart:

–Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.
–What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.
–Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.


–Here is a quote about life based on our thoughts and actions: (not by Echkart)


–Life is an adventure – DARE IT

–Life is a love – ENJOY IT

–Life is a tragedy – FACE IT

–Life is a struggle – FIGHT IT

–Life is a promise –FULFILL IT.



(I am sharing these thoughts because an author once wrote, “I write so that I can understand.” Many people keep journals and through their writing they find out their deepest thoughts.

I like to do this and since I have a site, I also wish to pass on any thought that can help a sister or brother human who is walking on the same path of life.)

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